Monroe County: ONE YEAR!

Jan 7, 2021

‘by Heather White, Monroe County Coordinator

The Restore Network has walked with us from the beginning of our fostering/adoption journey.  We joined the Restore Network shortly after attending the annual banquet and hearing our friends’ testimony of their fostering experience.  They helped answer our questions and addressed our fears of whether fostering was the right choice for us. 

Being foster parents, we have an opportunity to show Christ’s unconditional love through caring for children and parents who are struggling and need assistance.  The Restore Network helps us do this better than we could on our own.  They equip us with support, advice and training to help us be the best for the families who need our support.  We are so very grateful that The Restore Network has been by our side while we fostered and now adopted our son.  We know that we are not alone in handling the tough moments and in celebrating the milestones.  We are very  grateful to be a part of The Restore Network and to share Christ’s unconditional love to others.


Use this guide as you pray about your response:

8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

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