We take care of foster families so they can

help children heal.

Trauma-informed training. Wrap-around support. Relentless advocacy.

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Children are in foster care in the state of Illinois

the restore network


More will enter the system this month due to abuse or neglect

the restore network


Will change homes three or more times while in care

Foster care is designed to protect children, but unfortunately, it can harm them further.

Beyond the sheer number of children placed in foster care in Illinois, more than a third of them shuffle homes three or more times while they’re in care. They are placed in group facilities or homes with the nearest empty beds, not necessarily the homes best suited to help them heal from their trauma.

The problem seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? So overwhelming, in fact, that — no matter how much it breaks your heart — it can be hard to know where to start. We felt that way too, at first.

But, one thing is clearer now than ever before:

We are the answer. All of us.

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This is a problem we can fix.

Fostering can be hard. So, The Restore Network partners with the local church to make it easier for more families to say “yes” to the vulnerable children who need them.

We each have a part to play in the solution.

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As a foster family, you will receive trauma-informed training and practical, ongoing support as you open your door to a child… who will always be worth your risk.

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As a volunteer, you join a community who wraps around foster families with meals, supplies, childcare and prayer so, together, we can help bring hope and healing to children.

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Each gift allows us to recruit, equip and offer comprehensive support to foster families as they provide the best healing care to the children placed in their homes.

See the need in your area

A simple approach that really, really works.

When we care for foster families, they can focus on helping children heal.

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We start by aiming to recruit more than enough foster families.

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As families join The Restore Network, we equip them with trauma-informed training and the tools they need to help children heal and grow.

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Next, we work with agencies to match children with Restore families most likely to help them thrive. Not just the nearest empty beds.

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And, when a child is placed in a Restore home, our community launches into action with meals, clothes, beds, car seats, ongoing advocacy, prayers and support that continue as long as the child is there.

Help us respond as we believe Christ would:

Quickly, creatively and with pure compassion.

Is your entire church ready to respond?

The Restore Network is almost completely funded and operated by local churches and followers of Christ who are committed to ending the foster care crisis.

Once supported by The Restore Network,

The majority of children remain in the same home

until they are reunited with their biological families or adopted.

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The Restore Network has . . . filled the gaps when a new placement arrives and covered the necessities that often seem staggering. They have provided us with space to breathe and weep and rejoice, . . . and pray with one another.

Cristalle – The Restore Network Foster Parent

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We decided to support Restore Network because it has developed a program that meets a need no other organization is addressing.

Marvin – The Restore Network Donor

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I’ve recently gotten involved with The Restore Network as a volunteer and it has been so rewarding! I don’t know if God will ever lead us to foster, but I DO know that I am called to be involved in some way. I use the gifts that God has given me and am so blessed beyond what little I give.

Becky, The Restore Network Volunteer

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I have worked in the social service field for over 25 years… The Restore Network has prepared the foster parents for what fostering is not only from the perspective of a foster parent but the perspective of the biological family. This has definitely helped the incoming foster parents understand the trauma that the children, as well as their families, are going through.

DCFS Staff Member

Will you help?

When we all respond, the solution is so within our reach.

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God’s Call

The problem is heartbreaking, but it’s one that we can solve, together. We challenge you to ask God how He’s calling you to play your part.

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Your Fit

Whether God is leading you to become a financial partner, volunteer your time or foster a child in your home, we’ll provide what you need to act.

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a Life

However you respond, you’ll help bring healing to children who have been hurt while also helping them to avoid future harm.

Use this guide as you pray about your response:

8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

(…whether you become a foster family or not).

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