Your gift

is a critical part of the solution.

“I wish I could help, but I can’t foster.”

It’s no secret that the foster care system is broken. Not enough families. Not enough support. Not enough training. Kids shuffle from home to home – many of which are not equipped to help them heal from their trauma. But, if you’re not in a position to foster, it can feel paralyzing not knowing how to help.

The Restore Network was created to help the church work together to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. We simply aren’t all called to foster, but we each have a part to play in the solution to a problem that we can solveIt’s your financial gift that launches everything else into motion. 

When you give, you help children know that they are secure, loved, and wanted.

You can help children heal.

The solution is so within our reach.

Here’s how you can play your part:


The problem is heartbreaking, but it’s one we can solve, together. Ask God how He’s calling you to help.

the restore network foster financial support


Make a one-time donation or join our Champions for Hope by giving a regular monthly gift. 


Your sacrifice offers healing to children who have been hurt while helping them to avoid future harm.

When you donate, your tax-deductible gift can be given generally or designated to your county. We promise to use each gift responsibly and with complete transparency. Ask for organization-wide financial reports any time.

Your gift makes it easier for families to say “yes” to foster care.

When we all play our part, as foster parents, volunteers or financial partners – it works. The majority of kids supported by The Restore Network remain in the same foster home until they are reunited with their biological famililies or they are adopted.

The generosity that you have shown us has allowed me to provide a home and long-term placements for 7 children over the past 3 years. Without The Restore Network, I don’t believe it would have been possible.


Restore Network Foster Mom

How your gift really helps a child.

Your gift is used to help The Restore Network recruit more than enough foster families, then equip them with trauma-informed training and tools, and wrap around them with ongoing support.

That means that you’ll help hundreds of children this year get:

Foster families trained to help them heal.

Children are given caregivers who understand their history, meet their needs, and are equipped with professional training to help them heal.

protect children from further harm
Protection from further harm.

Without special attention, children who have already experienced abuse and neglect may be further harmed by the system designed to protect them.

Security, love, and hope.

When children are no longer bounced from house to house, they are more likely to feel safer, more loved, and more secure with less anxiety and more hope for the future.

Concern for their biological families.

The Restore Network advocates for broken families to be fully restored, whenever possible.

A community of kids like them.

Kids in foster care are surrounded by others in The Restore Network, so they don’t feel so alone or different.

Brighter futures, for generations.

When given an opportunity to heal from their past traumas, kids learn healthy relationships that carry into adulthood.

“I give because…”

“We give because we want to see healing.”

“We aren’t currently in a place to open our home, but we know we are still called to do something, so we pray and give financially.”

“There is a need, and this trusted organization is making a difference!”

“Giving monthly is an easy way to make sure that we are faithfully supporting a work that clearly changes lives.”


Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes! The Restore Network is a 501(C)(3) organization and we will promptly send you a tax-deductible receipt anytime you ask.

How will I know my gift is making a difference?

You’ll receive periodic reports from The Restore Network that showcase the impact of your gift. Please also be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can see what’s happening on a daily basis!

Can I designate my gift to my county?

Yes! Just select your county when prompted on the donation form.

Use this guide as you pray about your response:

8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

(…whether you become a foster family or not).

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