Giving of your

time and energy

is a critical part of the solution.

“I wish I could help, but I can’t foster.”

At The Restore Network, we know that the thought of children hurting is unbearable to you. You may not be in a position to foster a child yourself, but you have to do something.

The Restore Network was created to help the church work together to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. We simply aren’t all called to foster, but we each have a part to play in the solution to a problem that we can solve. Providing critical support to foster families as a volunteer allows more of them to open their homes to the kids who need them.

As a volunteer, you make it possible for children to know that they are secure, loved, and wanted.

You can help children heal.

Use this guide as you pray about your response:

8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

(…whether you become a foster family or not).

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The solution is so within our reach.

Here’s how you can play your part:


The problem is heartbreaking, but it’s one we can solve, together. Ask God how He’s calling you to help.


If you’re called to volunteer, you’ll join a team who is providing critical support for foster families and the children they home.


Your sacrifice offers healing to children who have been hurt while helping them to avoid future harm.

Volunteers make it easier for families to say “yes” to foster care.

When we all play our part, as foster parents, volunteers or financial partners – it works. The majority of kids supported by The Restore Network remain in the same foster home until they are reunited with their biological families or they are adopted.

To be honest, I’m not sure where we would be today if it wasn’t for The Restore Network and all the resources they’ve provided us.


Restore Network Foster Mom

Join a Volunteer Team

With just a few hours a month, you’ll join a movement that offers healing and hope to children who deserve every opportunity to grow into happy, healthy, thriving adults.

Respite Team

Provide a breathing room for a foster family as you walk intimately alongside them for six months. You may be asked to meet unique needs like providing childcare once each month so the parents can enjoy an evening out, for example.

Join the Respite Team

Event Team

Who doesn’t love a party? For kids in The Restore Network, events like our Back to School Bash, Parents’ Nights Out, Christmas party, and monthly Connect Groups are highlights! These events wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteer teams.

Join the Event Team

Meal Team

When a child is placed in a Restore Network supported home, you’ll join a team of volunteers who deliver hot dinners as the family transitions.

Join the Meal Team

Clothing Team

As part of our clothing team, you’ll deliver clothes to a foster home when a child is placed. While the task feels simple, fresh clothing can help a child feel secure, welcomed, and loved.

Join the Clothing Team

Prayer Team

As a dedicated prayer partner, you’ll receive a specific list of prayer requests each month for children and families in The Restore Network. While their names will be kept confidential, your prayers can make all the difference to those who are hurting.

Join the Prayer Team

“I volunteer because…”

I’m passionate about volunteering with Restore Network because no parents should ever feel alone raising their children, least of all foster parents… I’m honored to be a small part of the team that puts love into action so that each child can be made whole.

I knew I couldn’t foster but I could volunteer… To love on these kids and the families has been such a joy… The Restore Network is a ministry that declares the glory and the wonder of the Lord to all people. I am grateful to be a witness.


I volunteer for the same reasons our family gives… the children matter, the families supporting these children matter and I know God has called me to do it! I really believe every Christian can and should do something to serve the vulnerable among us!



How many hours a month does volunteering require?

That answer is different for every volunteer, and you decide when to say YES to a serving opportunity. You will likely be invited to serve 1-3 times per month depending on which team you join.

Can I specify where I volunteer?

Yes! We encourage you to “find your fit” at Restore Network. We can help you find a team that matches your skill set, aligns with your personal calling and becomes a source of enjoyment!

What kind of work will I be doing?

You decide! You can prepare and deliver meals to families, pray over our kids and families, deliver clothes to families, hang out with kids during Restore Network events, or serve one family closely as a respite provider.

Do I need training?

Most volunteer opportunities do not require outside training. If working with our kids during an event or becoming a respite provider, additional training will be provided.

Will I interact with children in foster care?
Some volunteer opportunities have you in direct contact with kiddos while other opportunities to serve are behind the scenes. There’s a fit for everyone!

Join a Volunteer Team

When you complete the form, we’ll reach out to you with additional information about the particular team you’re interested in. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and pray about your final decision before you start.
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