Jersey County, We’re Coming for You!

Sep 10, 2020

We are excited to announce that we are officially launching Jersey County Restore Network this fall! We have been working towards this for quite awhile now, and there’s such a God story here that I want to share with you.

A few years ago, a group of teachers from Jersey County attended our annual banquet. When they heard about Restore and our mission, they were convinced that they needed to work to bring Restore to vulnerable kids in Jersey County. They reached out and asked how to make it happen.

A few months after that, a group of DCFS staff reached out to us at Restore to ask how they could get a ministry going in Jersey County. They had been talking in a meeting about the tremendous need in the area, and they wanted to know how to bring Restore to Jersey.

We had a wonderful meeting with the teachers and DCFS staff as we dreamed and talked about all the possibilities. Then we talked about the one missing piece – a home church. In order to launch Restore Network in a new county, there has to be a committed, all-in church.

Well, I am excited to announce that the 1AG Church in Jerseyville is our home church! A big thank you to Pastor Carl and Wendy Hayes as well as their whole congregation: Thank you for saying YES to kids in foster care!

Wait… there’s more!

I also want to introduce you to Jen Warix, our Jersey County Director. Jen accepted the position and is training through the month of September. Below you can read more about Jen and her story.

I have been a stay at home mom for the past five years after leaving a career as an accountant.  In 2012, we became licensed foster parents to pursue a specific potential adoption. During the licensing process, God opened our eyes to the need for foster families. Since that time, we have welcomed two children into our family through adoption from foster care and have had three biological children.  My days are filled with laundry, cooking, and homeschooling. I love volleyball and chips and salsa.  Our family is actively involved in our church and I look forward to sharing the ministry of the Restore Network with God’s people.

Jen Warix

Jersey County Director

Please join me in welcoming Jen to the Restore Network team. You can reach her at

Keep an eye out for more details as we’ll be talking soon about a Jersey County Launch Party, the Launch Sunday at the 1AG Church, and how YOU can get involved!


Katie Myette, Executive Director


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