Front Porch Hangouts with Foster Parents | The Edler Family

Jun 3, 2020

❔ How long have you been fostering?
We’ve been fostering for almost four years.

❔ Why did you begin fostering?
We were both raised around family friends who had fostered and/or adopted, so it wasn’t new to either of us. However, in our adult lives, it took several years of prayer for us to be on the same page. In February 2016, we were given a very clear sign with two Restore Network invites from different friends, in different counties, during the same week. Ultimately, we hope to share what God has blessed us with by providing a safe and loving home for kiddos who need it.

❔ What has God taught you during your foster care journey?
To expect the unexpected, be okay with not knowing, and have an abundance of patience and grace. Our kiddos’ cases and journeys with their families is far more than we could have ever imagined. The relationships we’ve formed with some of our kiddos’ birth families is nothing short of amazing and would not have been possible without God’s grace. We’ve been tested in ways that only God could help us through. His patience and grace with us has given us what we need to pass along to our kiddos.

❔ What hope do you hold onto during the difficult seasons?
God has never left nor forsaken his children. Despite challenging situations or difficult seasons, He remains our rock and foundation. We do not know what the future holds, but God does. His plan was made long ago and we’ll continue to live out His plan, despite the circumstances, as we know He will guide us through whatever comes our way.

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8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

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