Dads Who Say Yes | Jeff

Jun 15, 2020

by Jeff, Restore Network Foster Dad

What were your biggest concerns as you considered saying yes to foster care?

Jeff: I believe the biggest concern I had about saying yes to foster care was: How can I love someone else’s child as my own and what are people going to think of me?

Why did you ultimately say yes?

Jeff: I remember hearing a radio announcement about caring for vulnerable children and the informational class that was being offered. That was the beginning of saying “Yes”.

How has God worked in your life during your foster care journey?

Jeff: I started out with guarding my feelings and love towards the kids. God graciously showed me that they are special in his eyes no matter where they come from. Dropping my guard was one of the hardest and most vulnerable things I did. Understanding my own baggage that I held so deep inside of me from my own story has helped me parent differently. God has shown me to grow with my kids not force them into my mold but to walk beside them in their journey. I found that this verse, Proverbs 22:6 says to “Train up”, not force, “a child in the way he should go”.

What would you say to other men who God may be calling to foster?

Jeff: This is will be like riding a Roller Coaster.

Two riders – Riding together with someone is more enjoyable

Buckle up -It’s about to become a life changing ride

Hold on – Surprises around every corner

Highs -There will be “wow” God moments

Lows – These are only momentary

Loops – Remember you’re still on track when things are upside down.

Station return – You will look back on the ride seeing where you came from and be excited to share with others.

Use this guide as you pray about your response:

8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

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