Teaching Children to Accept “No” and Negotiate their Needs with Respect

Jun 27, 2023

by Ashley Bennett, Director of Trauma-Informed Care

The Restore Network exists to change the culture of foster care and equip God’s people to meet the needs of vulnerable children and youth. The children we welcome into our homes and serve have experienced complex developmental trauma and their experiences have changed their brains, bodies, beliefs, and behaviors. These resources are created to equip caregivers, volunteers, child welfare professionals, and our church partners to navigate the joys and complexities of caring for these vulnerable children. The resources we offer our based on the principles of Trust Based Relational Intervention created by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University as well as other areas of attachment theory and relational neuroscience which we believe line up with how God created our brain and bodies for relationship and the design plan for human flourishing.


In this recording we address the skills of accepting “no” and negotiating your needs with respect. It’s common for our kids to have trouble with this. Why is that? And how can we help them grow these skills? Take a listen to Ashley Bennett, our Director of Trauma Informed Care, explain why and how in this voice recording. Then give the ideas a try and reach out if you need help once you start navigating it!


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8 Ways Your Family Can End the Foster Care Crisis

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