A Bittersweet Chapter

Jan 7, 2021

‘by The R Family, Restore Network Foster Family who reunified this sweet baby with his family a few days after Christmas

The journey continues for our baby boy and this next chapter is so bittersweet.

Our sweet P has gone home to his dad. He now gets the privilege of rocking him to sleep, kissing his cheeks, and holding those chubby little hands. We are so happy for P and his dad and that they will be celebrating Christmas together, as they should. But, the loss is heavy. We already miss him like crazy.

We are grateful for the relationship we have built with dad and hope to continue to play a role in P’s life. Already tomorrow John is going to P’s new home to build furniture and help dad get P’s new room put together. The hope of this continued relationship brings us peace.

We have to believe that God’s plan for P is bigger than anything we could imagine for him, and he’s going to do incredible things in and through P’s life. Please pray for P, his bio parents, and our family as we adjust to this new chapter.


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